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Experience the rich and vibrant cultures of Burkina faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin and the Ivory Coast. Tour small West African villages and witness traditional festivals and ceremonies. If you have specific interests, special requirements, budget or preferences, we do offer other travel packages to Africa and can tailor make a tour to suit your needs. Affordable, top quality tours that are designed for groups, individuals, families, academics, businesses and associations that have a desire to trace their ancestry back to Africa. The 30 day West African tour of a lifetime! Including expeditions through Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana, including all the places most loved by Mandinka's patrons and friends.

Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions offers unparallel travel opportunities to the unspoiled wilderness of West Africa. Most of our tours and expedetions are organised amidst everyday African environments, where you will have the option to mingle with indigenous people of the various tribes in the countries of your choice.


Mali: Dogons, Fulas, Bambara, Senoufo, Miniankas, Bobo, Bozzo and Soninkes.

Burkina faso: Lobbi, Mossi, Dagara, Birafo, Koulango, Bobo, Kassena, Gourmache and Gurunsi.

Ivory Coast: Baoule, Bettae, Dida, Dioula, Agni, Adjoukourou, Wobbeh, Maouka, Koyaka and more.

Benin: Fons, Temberma, Bariba, Yoroba, Eveh, Betamariba etc.

Togo: Eveh, Toffin, Otamari, Basar, Kabye and more!

Ghana:Ashanti, Fanti, Dagomba, Frefre, Ga, Asafo and more.

Senegal: Wollof, Tucoulor, Serere, Malinke, Jola, Bedik, Basari and more!

Our rich experience and deep understanding of the region allow us to offer you a wide selection of tours - special trips and great expeditions. We also cater to itineraries of your choice.

With nearly twenty years of experience in West Africa, in organizing ethnocultural journeys, we now enjoy a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the region. Ethnocultural Expeditions is our speciality. We also provide you the chance to explore West Africa’s famous rivers and lake such as the Niger,Volta, River Gambia, and Sine saloum delta. Beachcombers would have the opportunity to explore some of the the nicest beaches such as Bijagos Islands in Guinea, Bisaau and the Cape Verde Archipel del Sal.

Come with us and view numerous exotic animal species in the best national parks in West Africa: Pendjary National Park, Mole and Nazenga elephant ranch.

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