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Senegal DancersSenegal & Gambia Tour

Senegal is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Africa and yet remains relatively little known. A stable democracy, friendly people, bearable climate and an efficient communication system combine to make this perhaps the most accessible of African nations.

The capital Dakar is a dynamic city with a breezy climate and a cosmopolitan mix of Afro-French characteristics. It is thought to be the oldest city in West Africa.

The year 1443 marked the first contact with Europeans when Portuguese explorers reached the mouth of the Senegal River and later settled on Goree Island, which became a vital base for ships trading along the coast. It still maintains its impressive colonial capital, Saint Louis.

Other highlights for the visitor are the beautiful beaches of Cassamance, the Bassari region with its waterfalls, the sacred Great Mosque in Touba, the wooden bridge village of Dioual Fadiouth, the Parc National Djoudj Bird Sanctuary, and the vast and vibrant market in Kaolack, one of the biggest and most interesting in all of Africa.

PelicansSenegal & Gambia 16 Day Tour

The geographic and human treasures found in these two countries combined with a reliable network of small hotels make Senegal & The Gambia the ideal starting point for those of you who want to discover the African continent and its fascinating people, Birdlife and beaches.

Highlights: .


  • Dakar
  • Goree Island(Slave history)
  • Monument of African Renaissance
  • Pink Lake
  • Kayar fishing village
  • Saint Louis/Langue de Berbaries/ Djoudj National park(UNESCO world heritage site)
  • Sacred mosque in Touba
  • Nikolokoba National Park
  • Bedik & Basari Tribe
  • Pitoresque village of Iwol(Bedik tribe)


  • One night Gambia river cruise(overnight onboard) To Tendaba Camp.
  • Georgetown(Macathy Island slave market)
  • Wassu stone circle(Ancient megalites)
  • James Island & Juffureh(slave history)
  • Makasutu cultural village.
  • Banjul city & Markets.
  • Beach break and bird watching.


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