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Gambia 7 Day Tour.

Wassu Stone circleSurrounded on three sides by Senegal, The Gambia River flows for 200 miles through Gambia on its way to the Atlantic.

The smallest country on the continent averages only 20 miles in width.

Gambia's 1500-year-old stone circles are unequlled among megalitic monuments in terms of size, consistency, and complexity, reflecting a thriving iron age society. In the 15th century the Mandinka migrated to the Gambia River.

The Portuguese built settlements, and slaves and gold were traded for guns and cloth. By the early 17th century the English, Dutch and French were in on the game. Slavery was the chief source of Gambia's revenue before it was abolished in 1807. Gambia became a British Crown colony in 1843, and an independent nation in 1965. In 1970 Gambia proclaimed itself a republic.


  • Banjul City Tour, National Museum and Albert Market.
  • Makasutu cultural forest and the Gambia good farm sustainable tourist project.
  • Wassu stone circle
  • Overnight boat to Georgetown
  • Bird Safari, market, historic colonial areas, and meet the locals.
  • Farafenie and ferry to Banjul

Gambia at a Glance

Total area: 4,361 sq. mi.
Population: 1.7 million
Capital: Banjul
Currency: Dalasi
Official language: English
Local languages: Mandinka, Wolof, Fula
Religion: Islam, Christianity



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