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What our customers say:

Job Well Done!

We had a GREAT tour with Mohamadine. He is a great guide and gave us the real insight into the cultures, not the sanitized versions. We felt safe with him and knew that he was watching out for our best interests at all times. We have no reservations in giving him the highest recommendation. In addition, he deserves a big "job well done" for all he went through in getting us to the airport in Lagos safely and on time. This was not an easy or cheap thing to do, as I'm sure he will fill you in. It takes an experienced guide to know how to arrange the things he did for us while causing inconvenience for himself as well as our driver. Thank you Mandinka Tours for arranging a wonderful trip for us.

-Paul and Cindi March

One of the Very Best!

We have Just returned from Africa. Mohamed was a wonderful guide for us in Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal, extremely reliable, thoughtful and great company to travel with. We have been traveling around Africa for two years with our helicopter which brings many problems of its own and Mohamed was really very helpful in making the Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal parts of that journey easier and more pleasurable. He is very frank about tribal customs and the political situations which we found very unique in Africa given most guides desire to "tow the party line".

Further we had problems at the Senegal border with visa issues which remarkably he was able to resolve. Additionally he is currently organizing for all our purchases of artifacts through Mali and Burkina Faso to be cleared and shipped to us in London since we could obviously not fit them in the helicopter. Having had many guides throughout Africa I would recommend Mohamed as one of the very best.

Kind regards,
Emma Gibbs

The Best Tour Guide We Ever Had

Mandinka Tours had the best guide we have ever had (in the 135 countries we have toured which included national as well as local guides) was the one we were fortunate to have in Burkina Faso and Ghana. MoMo also guides in Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, Togo and Benin. When problems occurred, he was able to think outside the box and solve them. I believe he is 37 and has an incredible personality and presence. I do not impress easily, as I previously owned a tour company in Chicago and had many guides working for me.

He has guided the most important visitors to those countries—he was not bragging, but their names came up as we were traveling.

-Rosalie Dixler

Mandinka Tours Can Make it More Special!

From 28 December 2007 until 18 January I was traveling with a group of Dutch people in Mali. Momo was our travel guide. He is very good in his job and very professional. The transport was well organized, always on time!

When he booked hotels they always enough rooms and he checked the rooms before we went inside.

He explained to us a lot about the culture and the way of living in Mali. He knows so many people in West Africa, you will have nice meetings with the local people if you want. Living in Mali his whole life and his experience as a travel guide in West Africa, I think he is the best guide you can have. That's one of the reasons why I traveled with him for 8 days in Senegal in April.

I was only in Dakar before, but he showed me many nice places in Senagal!! He knows the nicest hotels and the best places to visit. If you will travel with Momo of Mandinka Tours, you will have a well organized trip and a time in West Africa you will never forget. For me, traveling in West Africa is very special, I was there many times, but Momo of Mandinka Tours can make it more special!! I hope you travel with him and when you come back you write me to tell me your experience in West Africa with Momo. I wish you a nice time in West Africa.

Marijke Apswoude, Holland.

"All of the tour guides on our West Africa Expedition were fantastic; they were very friendly and perceptive to our needs while at the same time very professional. The trip was well organized and ran smoothly, with opportunities for a lot of spontaneity within the basic framework of the itinerary, which we really liked. We would go back in a heartbeat!”

-The Collinses of Atlanta

“It was my first time in Africa and I didn't’t really know what to expect. Upon landing in Bamako in the middle of the night, my apprehension vanished immediately when our guide met us at the plane and we were whisked off to our 5-star hotel. After a great breakfast the next morning, our driver and our guide promptly appeared to begin our amazing visit to Mali. Thank you Mandinka, for creating an experience I will never forget.”

Sincerely and hope to see you again soon,
-James Kelsey, Seattle, USA

"Thank you for taking us through the paradise that is Senegal. We saw so much birdlife in the delta and so enjoyed the incredible beauty of the whole country… was just spellbinding! (We are still sorting through our 1000+ pictures.) The trip itself was excellent from beginning to end, with the safaris, boat rides, meeting with all sorts of hospitable Senegalese from different tribes, and having really competent people to take care of everything. I will recommend you to anyone who is considering a voyage to anywhere in the west part of Africa who wants to travel with a first-rate tour company.”

-H. Weisenberg, N.Y.

“We had a great time on our Mali – Burkina tour. My partner and I very much appreciate all of the thought you put into arranging the trip around our scheduling. I can’t tell you enough how much we enjoyed our “trek” in the Dogons and seeing all that fantastic scenery, along with all the unbelievably tough, incredibly gracious villagers we encountered along the way. And also thanks for being sensitive – we love Africa and definitely plan to return.”

-Juan/Jim (Scottsdale, AZ)

“Working for the airline industry, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, including within Africa. Africa is known for its glitches, to which I was not immune on this journey. But the tour company took care of any unforeseeable snags straight away and was impeccable in making this Mali trip a true memories-to-last-a-lifetime experience!”

Take care and a bientot,
-Susan M., Manchester


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