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Togo earned its independence from France in 1960, and presently boasts a hard-won democracy. In the 1600s, Togo was a center for the slave trade, and still holds evidence of this history in the form of colonial graveyards and buildings.

Togo's ancient indigenous heritage and culture still thrives in the present day, native religions are practiced by a majority of Togo's peoples.

Cotton, coffee and cocoa are Togo's main exports, and Togo is self-sufficient in basic food goods when harvests are normal. Phosphate mining, cement and clinker export to neighbouring countries are also part of Togo's economy. Today, Togo serves as a regional commercial and trade center, and boasts a colorful, diverse, unique and fascinating culture not seen anywhere else.

Highlights: .

  • Lome
  • National Museum and the fetish market.
  • Visit Kutamankou(Betamariba people)
  • Trek to forest of Ajatafo mountains.
  • Bassar fire dancing.
  • Aneho
  • Boat ride to Togoville.

Togo At A Glance

Total area: 21,925 sq. mi.
Population: 6.6 million
Capital: Lomé
Currency: CFA Franc
Official language: French
Local languages: Ewe, Mina and Aja; Kabiyé
Religion: Indigenous, Christian, Muslim


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